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November/December 2018 HOOK MagaziNe 47 velopment in 3 countries finally produced a patented Aromatherapy Locket that can be a4ached to a collar, providing hours of relief to your canine companion. My Pet My Scent™ is easy to use. You take one of the provided alcohol swabs, wipe (say) your neck or forearm, and squeeze a couple of drops onto a hemp oil-infused pad. This bu4on sized pad is then placed in a locket that you a4ach to your dog's collar. The scent lasts 6-8 hours and can make that visit to the vet so much nicer for your dog and for you. The idea was loved by a4endees at the 2017 Global Pet Expo in Or- lando and was awarded the best new product for Fear, Anxiety and Stress in Canines by Dr. Marty Becker and his organiza3on, Fear Free. Ge5ng Fear Free recogni3on is the pet equivalent of a Good House- keeping Seal of Approval. At Super Zoo 2018 in Las Vegas, the product was so popular that people wanted to buy it right away, even though it wasn't yet packaged for the market. More exci3ng s3ll, My Pet My Scent™ was one of only a handful of companies approached by Purina to compete for their coveted Pet Care Innova3on Prize. There are other hemp-oil products for pets on the market, but this one is the only one that is not ingested. Lisa emphasizes that it is plant based, natural, and for once – tested on humans before animals! There are about 90 million dogs in the USA and over 20% of dog owners buy an3-anxiety products and medicines for their pups. Lisa can see how My Pet My Scent™ could be used in so many situa3ons – when placing dogs in foster care or being walked by a new dog-walker. She also hopes to help the team bring the product to other markets – probably for cats and for horses, though she knows each of those will have challenges. We all know of the deep bond that dogs have with their pet parents (us!). This is one innova3ve, holis3c way to improve our devoted friend's lives, and help them be happier and much less anxious. www.mypetmyscent.com, Lisa@mypetmyscent.com

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